That Grateful List

Photo: That moment when you asked your man to stop spoiling you with flowers simply because you couldn't eat them yet he still showed up in your office first thing in the morning saying, "Ayan, dinalhan kita ng bouquet na nakakain." Thank you for pulling an all-nighter just to create this witty surprise. <3

As a girl whose hunger never seems to be satiated, I remember telling my man, "Babe, stop spoiling me with flowers. They're pretty but I cannot eat them. Sayang." It's not being ungrateful, it's being practical! :P To my surprise, he brought me this present while quipping, "Ayan, dinalhan kita ng bouquet na nakakain." What touches me is the fact that he pulled an all-nighter just to create this when he could have bought it easily. At times, I wonder about the things I did to deserve such a good man.

Another thing that impresses me about my man is the compassion that he exhibits for animals. In fact, one of our best dates even took place in a zoo. When we lost Winter (his 2nd anniversary gift to me), I was devastated beyond words. My family was similarly traumatized after months of bringing him in and out of the clinic. I admit it somehow felt unfair knowing that you did your best to fight. As overacting as it might seem, I prayed for Him to free me from pain and guilt. A month after, Snowy came, thanks again to my boyfriend. For me, he is not a replacement but a reaffirmation of Winter's incalculable love.

During those times of grieving, I really felt the concern from my family and my workmates. Perhaps some of my workmates cannot understand why I have to shed tears over a mere dog but I swear, their encouraging words truly helped me. I was surprised as well with the number of text messages that I got from friends and even from my former professor in the university. I didn't know that even as a mute creature, Winter was able to similarly touch their lives.

Speaking of workmates, things in the office continue to surprise me recently. For two years, I worked in the confines of my home. I had utmost control of my time and the pay was undeniably good. However, I felt something was amiss and so at the age of 20, I decided to go out and explore my options. Thankfully, I found a pressure-free place filled with people who are genuinely determined to help you grow. By all means, my current company breathes new meaning to "corporate world". Even if I'm surrounded with people armed with travel-related education and experiences, being scared to fit in didn't cross my mind.

I remember right after signing my contract, I received a call from an advertising firm offering me a job that's more "in-line" with my Journalism course. For days, I was confused. What if the offer that I received was my "The One That Got Away" job? Six months after, I think I made the right choice. 

Apart from having this pretty EOP Model present, I surprisingly ranked #8 in our worldwide top achievers' list for this quarter. These are the little things that make a newbie's heart flutter uncontrollably. Nonetheless, what truly inspires me to work is the amazing team that I'm truly proud to be part of. 

I hope I'll be able to make this type of list regularly. I believe that even if you're about to hit rock bottom, it's still important to keep track of all your blessings and realize that life isn't that bad. :)

What are the things that you're thankful for this week?