What's in My Bag

My bag is such a far cry from all the contents of my high school bag. I still shudder whenever I remember all those glittery and feathery things that I have amassed as a teeny bopper! Throughout the years, I have learned how to get rid of excess baggage. Apart from its literal context, weeding out insignificant loads in your life can make everything less onerous. 

This trusty Louis Vuitton Speedy deserves to be harped with praises. It's spacious and lightweight - things that make me fall for a bag. Since it's a Damier, cleaning it is not a strenuous task as well. 

By all means, my Belle de Jour Power Planner and Barbie moleskin should never leave my bag for writing is one of my stress relievers. Furthermore, I'm a forgetful person and digital reminders just don't work for me.

I rarely change wallets which explains the already irregular shape of my gray Tory Burch wallet. You can likewise notice some bite marks courtesy of my baby Snowy.

My vintage kikay pouch and a wooden hairbrush from a random bazaar. My overused cat's eye sunglasses are from Firmoo - home of stylish yet affordable eyeglasses.

  Being in heels all day can be tiring, that's why when my soles start complaining, I depend on my Flipsters which basically stands for "foldable flipflops". 

Some of my essentials which cannot fit in my cosmetics pouch are also pictured above - Kiehl's Aromatic Blends Orange Flower and Lychee lotion, Katy Perry Purr perfume, Zen Nutrients All is Well Oil, and a sanitizer spray.

Finally, my phones. Even if I admit that I'm not that fond of texting, communication is vital so I apparently have no choice. ;p

What are your bag essentials?