Life Lately

Ever since Aujen’s MBA classes started, dates became a rarity. Balancing an eight-to-five job with nightly classes is easier said than done. The heavy traffic in Manila doesn’t help at all. The least I can do is to continuously encourage and make sure he remains sane.

The nice thing about having limited date days is that you never take them for granted. They become extra special because it’s your chance to pay attention to his stories and boost his morale before he comes back to his grueling academic load.
My kind of date. My friends know that I don’t have it in me to be a party girl. I might be deemed boring, but it’s okay because apart from having tendencies to be shy, staying in a club for too long unfortunately triggers a migraine attack. It still confuses me how I managed to party for two months straight (when my curiosity was at an all-time high) and come out unscathed.

My nightlife fairly revolves around books and series. I finally got my hands on this book, thanks to my former colleague.
I’m currently hooked on Revenge. I just find it difficult to continue because I already know who will die! It’s the downside of being assigned to write about spoilers for this show.
Since the news firm I’m working for is in New York, I submit my stories and train the writers under my team virtually. I might again work for the corporate world by January but as of now, I love how I’m able to spend time with my babies.