Birthday Wishlist

It feels heartwarming to watch kids as they blab about their wishes. I believe that regardless of our age, we must never lose that penchant to have faith that our wishes will come true in their own perfect time. 

While I have this list of things which I want to purchase, drafting my birthday wishlist seems more special. This is purely out of fun but with my birthday coming up in three weeks, it does not hurt to light candles in advance, right? 

New Reads

Purchasing new or thrifted books every Sunday is my habit but it still makes me feel frantic to receive books from other people. The effort that they put in finding the books that complement your beliefs deserve utmost appreciation. If you have a Goodreads account, let's meet there!

Pretty in Pink Nikon J1 Camera

Carrying a chunky camera can be exhausting at times which is why I'm contemplating whether this pink baby is worth swapping for. 

Juicy Couture Poker Set

Poker truly intrigues me but I do not have a single idea about the game mechanics. With a velour set as lovely as this, surely I will be more inspired to learn more about the fascinating life of Poker Barbie.

Tempur Pedic Symphony Pillow

No more neck strains for me!

Teddy Bears That Will Act as Hope Givers

Scratch out all my birthday wishes because bears are enough for the kids that need to feel cherished this Christmas. They might not have their biological families but you have the capacity to make them feel entitled of love and care through this Bears Ending Tears project.

Do you have a birthday wish that came true this year?