A Call for Aspiring Hope Givers

A child growing up loved, cared, and nurtured is a wonderful idea. However, not everyone gets the chance to have the components that will make their childhood as remarkable as it should be. Last year, I got the chance to be with kids of farmers in Tagaytay. The lifestyles of these kids are devoid of luxury yet they are happy because they have their families with them. How about those who do not have such kind of fortress?

There are kids who have been abused and abandoned due to the destitute circumstances of their parents. On the other hand, there are some whose future remains unknown due to the looming threats of their illnesses.

Nonetheless, the situations of these kids do not make them less deserving of things that other kids their age enjoy. They might be underprivileged but that doesn't mean that they are not entitled to be cherished. 

With this in mind, Bears Ending Tears came to mind. It will be a series of bear-giving projects to 100+ kids and pre-teens from Home of Joy Orphanage, Seedtime and Harvest Mission Ministries, and selected babies’ hospital wards in DasmariƱas, City. As its name suggests, the projects will encourage the kids to never give up regardless of how gloomy their current world seems to be.

The bear collection efforts will  last until November 25. Individuals who in their hearts find the cause worthwhile can act as Hope Givers to the kids by giving bears that include short notes or letters. The bear does not have to be new; even pre-loved bears will be appreciated. What’s significant is the letter because it will make the child feel cared for. If you simply want to send just a letter, that will be highly appreciated too!

Since my birthday will likewise fall on December, I will be adding toys, books, and medicines in the hope of making the children's Yule season unforgettable. 

If you are interested in sharing a bear and becoming a Hope Giver through a letter this December, you may send an e-mail to:


Thank you!

A hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the car that I drove...but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child." - Forest Witcraft