Ditching Heels for Vans

It is definitely possible for one to wear heels 24/7. However, doing so might leave your feet bruised, blistered, and tired. Only mannequins have the ability to stand in heels perpetually.  Regardless of my love for heels, there are times wherein I simply want to ditch them and opt for something that's more relaxed.

I've been eyeing Vans for the longest time but I was fraught with doubt. I wondered if there was a way to wear them without appearing too mannish. The trademark rubber soles of the shoes are tempting so before this year ends, I'm making a vow to get a pair for myself. Here are three of my Vans picks and how I'm planning to fancy up using the pairs:

The wide-brimmed beach hat makes this outfit apt for walking along seashores during summer. Although the lace skirt spells femininity, the outfit still looks fun because of the Vans Lo Pro Daffodil Trainers. With its color, there's definitely no room to be low-spirited. 

If you're about to shop for a whole day, you will need a reliable pair of footwear like this Vans Slip-on Lo Pro in Washed Red. I love this outfit because its chic yet sufficient enough to provide comfort for a day of scouring the mall.  It's a bonus that you can easily remove the pair which is necessary if you're shopping for shoes.

This Taylor Momsen-ish outfit will work if you want to make an edgy statement without looking tawdry. I'm not really into animal prints but for this Vans Lo Pro Leopard Suede Grey Trainers, I'm willing to make an exception. The pair is so versatile because you can change its appeal from sporty to glamorous depending on your garb.  

To make your own outfits inspired by the wonderful creations of Vans, you may visit tReds, a trusted manufacturer of authentic Vans. 

Do you own a pair of Vans?