What's in My October SaladBox

SaladBox is the country's first beauty and lifestyle box subscription service. Remember those times wherein you bought a full-sized product only to be disappointed by it? SaladBox recognizes that disheartening feeling, that's why the company gives its subscribers a chance to touch, try, and feel various products through sample sizes. SaladBox is definitely an economical way to experience beauty goodies.  

The box bears a likeness with the elegance of Tiffany boxes.

This sanitizing foam really smells clean and refreshing.  Apart from its anti-bacterial properties, it also has a smoothing and moisturizing effect when applied to the skin.
This is definitely my favorite in the box! The mint smell is indeed relaxing and even if you spray this over your pillow, you'll have the guarantee that your skin will not suffer from adverse reactions.
While I really love BC Fragrance's pillow mist, this does not really appeal to me. When looking for room fragrances, I always prefer simple scents. Spiced Fig Tea, on the other hand, is quite strong and musky.

 A gram of these mineral eyeshadows will certainly last! The shadows are pigmented especially when paired with an eye primer. Solar Flare is a bright pigment whereas Lodo's shimmers are appropriate for a smokey-eyed look.

I still have to use these samples to know how good they are but Black Beauty claims to nourish hair in such a way that it will become beautiful and strong.

I wish that next month's box will have more makeup and/or skincare goodies. Still, I appreciate the effort of the company to introduce new brands to its subscribers. To have your own surprise box each month, you may visit the official website of SaladBox.