Au Revoir, Multiply

A few months ago, Multiply's CEO Stefan blazoned out that Multiply will be closing its blogging services and instead focus on the site's strength as an e-commerce portal. This news somehow pained me because Multiply served as my first "relief valve"It was the first one which understood my musings as a fifteen-year-old college freshman who used to be nine hours away from home. I understand that there's no point in sniveling because that's the way how things are - you just have to relish them while they're existent. 

This morning, I was trying to backup what's in there. The posts evoked a nostalgic feeling and I somehow envied my former self for posting those things. With Laces and Tiaras, I have found an outlet for my love for beauty and fashion. Spellbound Paperbacks, on the other hand, nurses the bibliophile in me. However, it was my Multiply account Sweetie Ballerina that unconditionally took my abysmal thoughts. As Multiply bids adieu, I'm sharing some of the realizations I got from my entries there.

1. No matter how good your intentions are, you are going to get hurt because of false interpretations and judgments. You really can't blame other people if they perceive you for something you're not but you must never succumb to those thoughts. The persons who truly know you will always love you and that's more than enough reason to smile. There is definitely more to you than what meets other people's eyes and if they fail to see that, that's their loss, not yours.

2. Life is messy. Other people are far too messy and you likewise have your own bouts of messiness. Perhaps the best thing you can do is to put certain boundaries between you and the world. Creating boundaries doesn't necessarily equate to you isolating yourself. As Meredith Grey puts it, "Boundaries don't keep other people out, they fence you in."

3. Once in a while, people will surprise you and even take your breath away. The lesson is that sometimes, you just have to give them a chance to do so.  Years ago, I went to bed every night crying and wondering what I did wrong or how could I misunderstood the person I loved most. I've let bitterness consume myself; I've resorted to locking my heart and playing safe.

Just when I thought it wouldn't happen, my self-imposed barriers crashed. There's this person who made me forget those lonesome months when I felt flimsy. Allowing his love to shine through me was indeed one of the most mature decisions that I've taken. I came to a realization that my past two relationships were devoid of God's meaning and purpose. For this, I will be eternally grateful that He gave me someone beyond what I've dreamed of and prayed for.

Are you likewise a Multiply baby?