Hillsong United Manila 2014

A coliseum filled with people shouting no other name but His. Thousands of hands being lifted as an act of surrender to His grace. That night was dreamlike. It reminded me of His astounding love – something that never runs out regardless of how flawed we might be.

In my mom’s side, I have three uncles and an aunt who are pastors/ministers. Even if my cousins and I grew up bombarded with Bible stories, we weren’t exactly the poster kids for obedience. I joined the band, danced ballet, and penned stories for theatrical shows but there were times when I wondered if I was merely doing those things because they were expected of me.

Your walk with Him is something that you figure out on your own despite the positive influences surrounding you. I considered Christianity as a fallback. I did things on my own and went back to my faith whenever I felt like it. Out of my yearning to prove my self-sufficiency, I have made decisions which pained the people dear to me.

Fast forward to the 22-year-old me, I still question myself at times if I am in the right path. While having such kind of occasional assessment is healthy, it can likewise pave way for uncalled-for pressure.

Those instances when I have misgivings about my capabilities, I just think of what Joel Houston said that night. That we have nothing to prove anymore for the victory has been won when He died for us. There is no point in adhering to the world's notion of "having it all" because He already did everything for us.

Such is the hope that continues to stay with me.

I wasn’t able to bring my camera’s lens but here are amazing photos from Ronald Balan:

I also loved the part where we sang “Mighty to Save.” There’s this line that goes like, “Shine the light and let the whole world see.” Such line prompted everyone to wave their phones with built-in flashlights.
The concert ended with the crowd’s timeless favorite – “One Way.”

Getting tickets for the concert proved to be a test of character (sold-out in less than a day!) but thankfully, I got to experience the joy of worshipping with thousands with my brother, cousins, and boyfriend. Hillsong Conference, you’re next!