Marry Me at Marriott?

Hi lovelies! Who disagrees that weddings are not magical affairs? Regardless of a wedding's simplicity, the thought and effort put into it are amazing. I had the chance to attend a wedding fair at Marriott Manila last August 25. It was a two-day event exhibiting the country's classiest wedding merchants. From wedding bands to layered cakes, everything that will make a to-wed couple's heart giddy was there. 

The Leaning Tower of Pisa cake is such a pretty sight to behold!

Functional gifts for guests like organizers, mirrors, gadget holders, and liquor bottles.

Precious Moments-inspired mementos

With this innovative album, there's no need to go to cinema anymore for your dose of 3D action!

Romantic couture (the left gown is by Veejay Floresca)

Lifestyle blogger and author Jenni Epperson also talked about high-style entertaining. She gave tips on how to accommodate guests in an elegant yet stress-free manner. Pressured to come up with an easy yet delectable dessert? Try grilling sliced and sugared pineapples in butter! From serving the right food to using the appropriate plates, she was able to show that injecting panache to a simple event could be cost-efficient.

Marriott Hotel Manila has stayed true to its promise of throwing an intimate affair. Far from the usual bustling aura of event fairs, Marry Me provided an avenue wherein guests could talk to exhibitors without feeling the urge to rush. I believe this is truly essential because couples have to make sure that their personalities will jive with the persons that they are about to charter. Some exhibitors which I find too nice to pass up:

Invitation Stylist - Printsonalities and The Write Impression
Wedding Films -  Threelogy and For You Are Mine
Photography - Nice Print and Decisive Moments
Cakes and Pastries - Sugarbox

Indulging in splendor does not hurt especially if it's a once-in-a-lifetime happening. However, even without all the pomp, what counts is the commitment of two individuals who are bound to have a long love-filled journey.