Clever Finds: Barbie Trinket Holder Turned Make-up Case

In my line of work wherein you'll never know which event will come up, it truly pays to be equipped with the basics. This is why I love my ever-reliable LV Speedy to bits. It doesn't look elephantine but it can hold my essentials - from my laptop down to my rollable flats. As one of my schoolmates quipped before, "Your bag's a monster!". When it comes to make-up cases, my standard is pretty much the same: choose something that's roomy but not bulky. 

For years, I have been using a velour clutch from Juicy Couture to house my make-ups and for my lazy days, I opt for Clinique's cheery colorful pouches. Still, the lack of compartments of the aforementioned cases makes me sigh. A few weeks ago, while shopping for get-together gifts for my nieces, this accessory holder from Barbie caught my fancy:

This also comes in hot pink but I think the black satin is classier and more appropriate for a 20-year-old who still fancies things meant for tykes

It has Velcro panels making it easier to open/close.

Lo and behold, the compartments that I've been languishing for the longest time! Since they're made of plastic, I can simply reach for baby wipes to sanitize them.

Its expansible feature makes it convenient for me to get hold of what I need. For just P400 (10 USD), I definitely envision myself sticking to this holder for a long time.