What Your Purse Says about You

Bags will always be great obsessions of a woman. She treats them as precious possessions that call for their own pamper-me times (oh hello, leather cleaning!). While bags can be reckoned as mere indulgences, do you know that they can likewise reveal something about you? 

I came across How to Tell a Woman by Her Handbag penned by Kathryn Eisman. Her witty book aims to uncover what bags tell about their carriers - from the satchel-clutching corporate women to the Hermes-carrying heiress. In Eisman’s view,  these bags say something about their owners:

Slouchy, oversized bags

Women who opt to have these bags are practical and always on the move. They are suckers for impromptu escapades, that’s why it is essential for them to have a roomy compartment for their things – make-up kit, medicines, rollable flats, and gadgets. It is also rare for wearers to swap bags.

Bright handbags

Instead of going with the flow, they love to stand out by showing their cheery personality. In a sea of neutrals and monotones, they are the ones who are unafraid of experimenting. A bright handbag is an indication of a sunny disposition which is a magnet for friends.

Structured bags

Think of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. They are always in the midst of business meetings and coffee dates. Women who are fond of structured bags are attached to all things classic. Outlandish trends make them squirm. Whether they’re shopping for bags or clothes, they prefer sticking to simple classy pieces which they can use until they’re old.

Studded and/or buckled bag

Damsels who are fascinated with heavily embellished bags love to unleash their confident side. They do not mind having an appeal reminiscent of a femme fatale. They are always geared up for a good time.


Clutches represent femininity with a dash of functionality. Since they do not want to roam around carrying so many things, wearers are believed to be straightforward.

The Louis Vuitton bag

Women carrying their precious LVs are idealists at heart. While they are always yearning for things that will make their lives extraordinary, they also place great emphasis on loyal friendships. LV carriers might seem to follow the rules yet they likewise have a playful side.

Under which category do you belong? :)