BTS for AVA's Shoot + Pieces That Make AVA a Mesmerizing Marketplace

Here's a quick peek of what took place last Saturday at Bulb Studios for AVA's InstaGlam shoot. I'm thankful beyond words to meet the wonderful and talented team behind AVA. Not only it is the home of beautiful things but of nice people as well! Despite my jittery demeanor (coffee+sleepless night+two-hour drive = not a healthy combination at all), I never felt any pressure from the whole team. 

I was too shy to take a lot of photos but Ms. Verna of L'Oreal Paris did an amazing subdued version of Black Swan eye make-up. It goes the same for the hairdressers from Creations who seemingly created perfect curls without much effort (unlike me who clumsily acquires hand burns!).  Ms. Ritz, the inspiring photographer, did her best to becalm me. She and the witty stylists kept on making jokes to perk up the atmosphere.  It was also the stunning Ms. Amanda, AVA's Business Development Manager, who made sure that everything went well.  I even met Ms. Katrina, AVAzine's editor and Mr. Oliver, AVA's CEO. I wish I was able to get everyone's names, who in one way or another, made that day remarkable.

For those who are wondering, AVA is an online marketplace that retails hand-picked items from premium labels.  Meaning, AVA is not the typical online shop that has a plethora of things  that border on mediocrity.  Since its mission is to make life beautiful everyday, the whole team maintains a meticulous attitude in selecting the items that go to AVA's inventory. This way,  it can be guaranteed that consumers will be proud of their precious finds. Here are some of the things which I'm eyeing:

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