Ian Somerhalder for Penshoppe: The Man behind the Dreamy Gaze

To say that Penshoppe is surpassing its limits when it comes to endorsers is an understatement. In less than a year, Penshoppe was able to snatch some of Tinseltown’s hottest stars to represent the brand. Just when I thought Penshoppe’s done with its mission, news circulated that another male-slash-hot commodity would be in town.

Lo and behold, it’s Ian Somerhalder! Even if my heart longs for the ever-compassionate Stefan, this older Salvatore never fails to intrigue me. Tell me, who can resist that gaze?


Yesterday, Ian’s public appearance took place in front of Penshoppe Mall of Asia. Chants of Ian’s name and posters like “Bite Me” filled the atrium. Like Mario Maurer’s fan conference last year, the energy of the audience was unstoppable. In fact, when a janitor went on stage just to fix the chair, everyone went delirious! 


At 3 P.M., Ian, clad in a v-neck shirt and bowman hat, finally appeared. In a country where some stars are fond of being dramatically late, I was a bit surprised that Ian arrived on time.


Bodie Cruz was tasked to interview him. Ian started talking about how each one of us can make a difference with regards to environmental protection (you may check his foundation btw!).


He talked about his stay in the Philippines particularly his visit to Palawan. He also raves that Filipinos are underappreciated when in fact we are one of the world’s nicest people. I can’t count how many times he said, “Wow”, “Thank you”, and “I love you”.

When asked about his ideal character of a girl, he said, “You know what makes a woman sexy? When she’s smart.” Unsurprisingly, the crowd went wild.

Prior to Ian’s arrival, Bodie mentioned that the appearance wouldn’t be possible if not for Ian’s initiative and agreement. Now I’m wondering, were Ed Westwick and Zac Efron offered the same thing but they just declined?

Nonetheless, I’m still thankful to see the gracious side of Ian (plus his signature Damon smirk!). No wonder this guy went far.