February Favorites

Chanel Bonheur #61

I typically stick with pink shades when it comes to lipsticks but this one is gorgeous! While it has shimmers, the lipstick doesn’t look that shiny when applied. The minimal shine eventually wears off leaving the lips with a lasting berry stain. Since it is a part of Chanel’s Hydrating Sheer Lipshine collection, the lipstick’s finish is translucent.

Goody Ouchless Finishing Brush

This is probably my Holy Grail brush. I sometimes find it tiring to comb my lengthy locks right after showering but I’m thankful for the soft bristles of this brush. The bristles paired with the comfort gel handle (something my dog would surely sink his teeth into given the opportunity) will give you a “snag-free” styling experience.

Paper Designer

What is it with journals and paper items that we find endearing? I can’t stop buying even if the notebooks that I currently have would last me for years. This Paper Designer from Boho Box has 40 dainty papers inside. The store has other lovely stuff too like owl bracelets and boho purses – all below P200.

One Direction “Our Moment” perfume

This is the debut perfume of One Direction, the best band ever together with Coldplay. It’s a floral scent infused with slightly fruity notes. The longevity is also great – about 6 hours. The bottle is whimsical but apparently aimed at a younger demographic of fans.

Missha Honey Butter Pack

This butter pack is part of my Myeongdong haul last year. I’m now on my second tube and it works well if you’re skin is in need of a moisture boost. Like most face packs, you leave this on your face for 15 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water.  The face pack has Korean acacia honey and French gourmet butter that claim to help in promoting a radiant complexion.