Happiness in a Satchel

It can be normal to be self-absorbed if it is your birthday. After all, it isn't everyday that you get stumped by tons of heartfelt greetings. Ms. Kira, the inspiring woman behind Elegantly Wasted, opted for the other way around. Instead of merely celebrating the day just for her self-satisfaction, she went out of her way to prepare a generous giveaway for her readers.

Apart from the fabulous stash that’s at stake, what enticed me to join her giveaway was the question the participants needed to answer. The question made me ponder over the things that I was able to cross out in my bucket list. I am indeed lucky because the giveaway had thousands of entries! Perhaps Saturday is her rest day yet Ms. Kira personally handed me the goodie-filled satchel at The Appraisery:

It feels refreshing to talk to someone who shares the same compassion for animals. I admired her more because you can really see how her eyes twinkled when talking about her family’s pets. After having coffee, we went right away to Greenhills to look for her black dress which by the way is simple yet so stunning! While I’ve been hearing people rave about Greenhills since my pre-teen years, it was my first time to go there. Ms. Kira’s really sweet because she toured me around and taught me the “specialty” of each wing. Surely Greenhills will be in my list for stylish finds from now on.

The prizes might be gone in a few months’ time yet I’m pretty sure that this giveaway will remain unforgettable.

Thank you very much, Ms. Kira! :’)