La Union Surfing Travelogue: Craving for Waves

Despite my penchant for swimming and diving, surfing is something foreign to me. This is why even if my skin’s still painful and blotchy from our recent Palawan trip, I seized the opportunity to return to La Union and embrace its tunneling waves. After all, who says “no” to the idea of having the ocean as your playground?

More than being knowledgeable about boards and waves, San Juan Surf School’s mentors are very considerate. My surf coach kept on worrying about me for I couldn't stop shivering, thanks to my ill-fitting clothes (lesson learned!).

Perhaps the trip’s highlight was meeting renowned surfer Luke Landrigan and his equally talented dogs, River and Gunther. Luke’s global accomplishments are pride-worthy but it’s his lack of arrogance which makes him stand out!

We similarly visited Halo-Halo De Iloko. It’s a place which fuses exquisite Filipino desserts with a quaint dining ambiance. For dinner, we went to the city’s version of Banchetto – a street food night market.

While the thrill that comes with the sport is unforgettable, what made this trip truly remarkable was the joy of meeting new friends. Though we were technically strangers to each other, it didn’t stop us from having so much fun.

If you’re likewise yearning to play with the waves without shelling out too much, you may coordinate with the reliable BFF Trips. Since their packages are all-inclusive (and very affordable!), all you have to do is to enjoy La Union’s sun-drenched beaches.