Macau Diaries: Where the Streetlights Glow

Instead of Ocean Park, we opted to spend our third day in Macau. Since we arrived a little over noon through Turbojet’s ferry, we went straight to Venetian Hotel for lunch.

Upon arriving in Macau, there are many guides who will offer tourist packages. However, I politely refused knowing that free hotel shuttles are provided just outside the ferry terminal. You can go from one place to another by being resourceful.

After exploring the Venetian, we rode a free shuttle back to the ferry terminal. From there, we boarded Grand Lisboa’s coaster and walked towards Senado Square.

Connected to the square is this quaint street which you have to pass to reach the St. Paul Ruins. Stores selling meat jerky and pastries are aplenty. All of these stores offer free taste.

The St. Paul's Church was once hailed as East Asia's largest Catholic Church but the structure has been engulfed in flames thrice. Here’s the majestic structure which radiated a mysterious appeal that day because of the gloomy skies.

From this area, we walked towards Hotel Sintra where a shuttle, courtesy of City of Dreams, was waiting. We explored City of Dreams then went back to Venetian Hotel to have a ride going to Sands Hotel.

Right across Sands Hotel is Fisherman’s Wharf where you’ll be welcomed with a replica of the Rome Colosseum. From Sands, we had a short ride going back to the ferry terminal.

Although Macau takes pride in its casinos, hidden gems may likewise be found like the Macau Giant Panda Pavillion. The pavillion is something that I'll visit next as it is off the beaten path.