Tokyo DisneySea: Where Dreams Set Sail

Tokyo DisneySea is our new favorite theme park because of its stellar line-up of areas and attractions that are based on different ports of call. As opposed to its sisters, DisneySea won’t give you that childhood euphoria but the park is still incredible for it can “transport” guests to various places. Some of my favorite areas are the Mediterranean Harbor that reminded me of Dubrovnik and the Arabian Coast which screamed Aladdin all over. I have never seen a theme park so unique and detailed.

The attitude of the cast members is unparalleled too. While they mostly converse in their language, their seemingly non-stop smiles are enough to make guests feel excited.

What Not to Miss

Big Band Beat – The 30-minute show is so famous that the theme park has a lottery system for it. If you want the best seats in the Broadway Music Theater, you have to go to the designated kiosk and swipe your pass. If you’re lucky, you get the seats for your group. Big Band Beat features performances reminiscent of New York’s classic theatrical shows.

Fantasmic – A nightly show that takes place in the Mediterranean Harbor lagoon. The pyrotechnics and lasers with Vulcania as their backdrop make up for a remarkable sight.

Journey to the Center of the Earth – Be prepared to explore areas of the earth that go deeper and deeper. The queue might be lengthy but I didn’t mind because the cavern was filled with interesting materials that showed what it was like to work as an excavator.  The finale is impressive too!

Tower of Terror – A free-fall ride with a story. The tower used to be a hotel owned by business mogul and exotic artifacts collector Harrison Hightower. However, he mysteriously disappeared which people blamed on a cursed artifact that he brought home.

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull – It’s another thrill ride which I enjoyed falling in line for because of the spectacular displays.

There is a wide array of food choices inside the park but I have repeatedly mistaken some of the kiosks as attractions because of the snakelike queues. Our dinner at the Cape Cod restaurant was unforgettable because of the adorable show featuring Mickey, Minnie, and Duffy the Bear. 

Don’t forget to take advantage of Disney’s Fastpass system to save time. 

DisneySea is a photographer’s wonderland because of the magnificent sights. The park truly made the almost 8-hour travel from Osaka to Tokyo worthwhile.