Of Princess Crowns and Graceful Glides on Ice

I might be 21 but that day, I felt like I was part of the crowd. That crowd, if you will ask me, consisted of girls prancing around in their sparkly tiaras and fluffy costumes. It's as if they were there to support the Disney princess that they fancy.

Disney's Princesses on Ice was such a timely and thoughtful gift from my boyfriend since our Disneyland trip was pushed to a later date. He seemed pretty much oblivious to the fact that we were surrounded by giggling starry-eyed kiddos. The show took place last January 2 at the Araneta Coliseum but not-so-recent happenings made me wander for quite some time. 

While the show merely retells the story of each princess, what made it exceptional was the commingling of acting and skating.

Jasmine and Aladdin showing that love knows no status. I particularly loved the scene with the flying carpet as well as the genie's appearance from the magic lamp.

Snow White with the delightful dwarfs in tow.

The refined and gentle Belle. I was expecting for Beast's appearance but perhaps
 he wasn't in the mood to go out of his lair.

Ariel and Prince Eric's part was the longest. From the shipwreck to the final kiss that broke the curse, everything was detailed. I couldn't contain my happiness when they included Part of Your World - the Disney song which I embarrassingly love to sing during KTV sessions. 

Cinderella's story was short but that's okay for I already met her 
stealthy stepsisters last year. 

Rapunzel from Tangled had her brief moment as well. Even Tiana from Princess and the Frog showed up for a Broadway-inspired number.

Finally, my favorite princess of all time! 
I think a lot got scared with Aurora's tale because they included
 real fire in the production.

Even if I wasn't able to take home this lovely carriage, I was satisfied beyond words because the show rekindled the magical feeling that I used to get from my Dad's bedtime stories.