Belle de Jour 2013 Fair: Make It Happen

Two weeks ago, I was able to attend the launch of the Belle de Jour 2014 planner. While I’ve been using the dainty planners for five years now, I’m still thrilled to see what the team has to offer.  

The fair itself is very fun! Like last year’s Belle de Jour fair, Mall of Asia’s Music Hall served as an avenue for exciting activities and enriching talks.

I particularly loved this booth wherein you needed to play a Parisian version of Pinoy Henyo (guessing game). As its name suggests, you have to guess words which are all relevant to the "City of Lights."  I won the game after correctly guessing Cartier, Brie cheese, Christian Dior, Les Misérables, and  “Can-Can”. #yay

Apart from games, other booths offered skin and hair consultations. Lifestyle label Parisian sold shoes and bags at rock bottom prices.

Something for my babies too! However, what went on sale were clothes for petite pooches so I was not able to buy anything. Pet Express was kind enough to give free packets of dog food though.

Beauty queen Venus Raj also graced one of the talks. She shared how she was able to walk off with the Miss Universe 2010 4th Runner Up crown despite the presence of her detractors. People prattled about her skin color but instead of being disheartened, she used their spiteful words as motivations for her journey.

Venus Raj being interviewed by BDJ Fair 2013 host Jasmine Mendiola

Having your own style is the concentration of Erica Paredes and Jigs Mayuga’s talk. Through their experiences in the beauty industry as cosmetic artists, they shared how taking risks could pave way for an exceptional style.

If you want to have exclusive passes for BDJ events, I highly suggest getting the planner here. It will likewise entitle you to discount vouchers which you may use all year long. I can attest that your P598 (14 USD) will go a long way.

Will you make it happen this 2014? :)