What's on My Book Nightstand

Shopaholic to the Stars - Our resident shopaholic moves to Los Angeles to initially support her husband but ends up chasing her Hollywood dream.

I've been following Rebecca Bloomwood's story since high school and while I loved her quirky anecdotes, the latest book didn't really sit well with me. The novel still lives up to Sophie Kinsella's witty writing style but I think I've grown tired of Becky's antics specifically her constant need to make up excuses for her misdeeds. I'm obviously growing old.

The First Phone Call from Heaven - A quaint town gets its biggest shock when several residents started receiving phone calls from their deceased loved ones.

Mitch Albom never fails to write books that will make you reflect and question things. It took me several days to get over "Timekeeper," it might be the same for this one.

Everyday - A (that's his name) inhabits a different body each day. Today, he might be a footballer but tomorrow, he might end up in a girl's body. All his life, he considered it a curse not until Shannon came and gave him hope.

A's situation is the perfect test of unconditional love. Will you still love someone if he changes appearance each day? Is your love strong enough to still see one's soul despite his fast-changing physical attributes?

Marley and Me - A journalist chronicles the joy and pain Marley brought to their family.

Knowing how much I love dogs, my cousin gifted me with a special edition of this book for my birthday. The story made me cry and no, it wasn't the poised movie-like weeping wherein your tears fall slowly and beautifully. Sigh. Apart from losing Winter, our beloved Rottweiler is now in her senior years, I'm frightened but at the same time, it motivates me to give my best shot in taking care of her. You consider days more precious when you know they're already numbered.

Barbie and Ruth - Many expressed their doubts when Ruth Mattel decided to create a doll.  She proved them wrong.

No one anticipated that Mattel's creation would become the world's most popular doll. Mattel did not really have a charmed life but she still managed to create her success story.

Thirteen Reasons Why – Hannah’s dead but her secrets weren’t buried with her. It’s time for everyone to be scared as the truth will come out in a series of audio tapes.

This should be an eye-opener for bullies who blatantly disregard the feelings of the ones they’re tormenting. I remember the beautiful 
Phoebe Prince who took her own life because of her vindictive schoolmates.