Vous Etes Belle

It's a strange phenomenon that in Girl World, cutting yourself down seems to be the most appropriate response for a compliment. Rather than giving a meek yet wholehearted "thank you", we retaliate by using self-depreciating remarks. Through this "experiment", Dove proves that  you are more beautiful than you think you are. If in the mirror all you can see is a woman with large pores, aged features, frizzy hair, and so on, don't let such image get into you because someone else sees how lovely you are!

On a different side of note, I really have high respects for Dove because it's one of the rare beauty conglomerates that put so much meaning into their ads. These are the ads which do not shove their products down their target consumers' throats but instead inspire lives. In my previous blog (RIP, Multiply), I even remember musing about Dove's campaign about society's altered concept of beauty.


Did your eyes get misty while watching the whole thing as well? :')

Of Princess Crowns and Graceful Glides on Ice

I might be 21 but that day, I felt like I was part of the crowd. That crowd, if you will ask me, consisted of girls prancing around in their sparkly tiaras and fluffy costumes. It's as if they were there to support the Disney princess that they fancy.

Disney's Princesses on Ice was such a timely and thoughtful gift from my boyfriend since our Disneyland trip was pushed to a later date. He seemed pretty much oblivious to the fact that we were surrounded by giggling starry-eyed kiddos. The show took place last January 2 at the Araneta Coliseum but not-so-recent happenings made me wander for quite some time.