One Direction in Manila 2015 and What the Brit Crooners Wore

When I started going out with Aujen, I used to tease him for his fascination for “mainstream” music. The tides turned when the One Direction bug bit me. As much as I want to think that I’m not a full-fledged Directioner, I can’t deny that 1D’s upbeat songs are helpful every morning.

I watched the first night of Manila’s “On the Road Again” tour with my cousin (who’s way younger than me). It was the boys’ first OTRA show sans Zayn Malik but they managed to enliven the crowd. Even if they were allegedly instructed to be “extra entertaining,” I found their antics natural. It rained when they performed “One Thing” but instead of being squeamish, Harry Styles even laid down on the stage.

I cannot help but notice that the boys donned simple outfits when they performed. That night, Louis Tomlinson was clad in a white sleeveless top. Liam Payne and Niall Horan were in black shirts while Harry wore a tropical-themed polo but later changed to a black shirt too. The boys must be thinking, “Eh kahit naman naka-pambahay, gwapo pa rin kami noh!”

Even if they prioritize comfort, their shoes still look stylish. When I see photos of them, I likewise notice how the boys experiment with their footwear. You see them in brogues, Chelsea boots, high-top sneakers, boat shoes, and other styles which I recently saw in my brother’s GQ as well as in Zalora’s cool selection of men’s shoes.

One Direction’s stylist Caroline Watson said that back in their “X Factor” days, the boys didn’t know much about labels. They used to be uninterested with designers but Watson joked that the boys now know guys like Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent.

It’s certainly a night to remember even if I might have temporarily forgotten that I wasn’t 16 anymore. Since the organizers released a stringent set of rules (no umbrellas, no bulky cameras, etc.), I didn’t bring my camera. Here are some photos instead from Eunice Gayon: