Korea Diaries: Bau House Café

There are three reasons why I am adamant to visit Korea: the My Love from the Star exhibit, Everland’s T-Express, and most importantly, Bau House Café. 

The quaint café houses more than 20 dogs. Upon entering, you will be welcomed by the small dogs. The other side of the café is where the big dogs are staying.

Even if they are playful, the dogs are not ill-behaved. They know how to follow Korean commands.

I am in awe of the people who work for Bau House. Whenever a dog pees or poops, they immediately clean the spot to prevent smelling. We stayed there for more than two hours, and I lost count of how many times the workers cleaned up. 

It is inarguable that the workers have a gentle spot for the dogs. They play and dance with the dogs. One guy even gives them massages. The dogs are also walked outside the café in batches of three. Only people passionate for dogs can see those tasks as fulfilling and not grueling.

*Sigh* If only I can leave my job and go work for Bau House.

The café is no longer located in Hongdae but it’s still close. If you will visit Bau House, get off at Hapjeong station and find Exit 3. Turn around and make an immediate left to the first alley. There’s a black shiny building to your right where you will see a signboard with a dog icon. Walking to Bau House from the subway station takes less than a minute.

Leaving Bau House was heartbreaking. The place is a dream come true for frustrated veterinarians like me! Admission is free but each guest is expected to buy one drink from the café.

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a dog licking your face.” – Ben Williams

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