Korea Diaries: Petite France

After graduating from thick fairy tale compilations, one of the books I have devoured was “The Little Prince.” Knowing that innumerable lives have been touched by the book, Korea came up with Petite France, the only French cultural village in the country.

The place is like a postcard setting coming to life! It’s apt to describe it as “spellbinding.” French music is continuously played to make you experience Europe’s olden days. With its dainty scenery, Petite France is a favorite filming site of Korean dramas. My Love from the Star, the only Kdrama that charmed me, filmed one of its memorable scenes in the beautifully lit Petite France.

The Antika Exhibition Hall is based on Saint Ouen, one of France’s top 3 flea markets.  Antika displays and sells delicate antiques.


The Saint Exupery Memorial Hall features the life of  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The hall likewise displays a collection of “The Little Prince” in various languages.

If you’re fascinated with French paintings, the Gallery Côte d'Azur will delight you.

The Traditional French House Exhibition Center is an actual 200-year-old house. The old timbers, roof tiles, and bricks were imported and reassembled in Korea. Inside the house are items that show how people in France used to live.

From time to time, Petite France holds puppet shows, Orgel demonstrations, Marionette dances, and other performances at the amphitheater. Guests can similarly order coffee here.

There’s more to discover in this charming place which is an hour away from Seoul. If you’re using the subway, get off at Cheongpyeong Station and ride the shuttle bus for Gapyeong Tourist Attraction. You may similarly walk to Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal for 10 minutes and get on the bus heading to Goseong-ri.   


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