Korea Diaries: Everland Resort

As a theme park devotee, I prioritized Everland when I created our South Korea itinerary. The outdoor theme park is located in Yongin and is operated by Samsung. The park’s intricate details emulate various places from Greek gardens to German Alpine villages.

Everland has five areas – Global Fair, Magic Land, American Adventure, Zootopia, and European Adventure. We visited Everland on a Monday, that’s why it wasn’t overcrowded. We were able to explore the area within 7 hours.

Everland’s star attraction is the T-express, the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster. The ride is certainly a huge draw for guests. I would have ridden T-express over and over if not for the lengthy queue. While the ride doesn’t have loops, the drops are terrifying. “Hindi naman ako na-inform, puro drops pala ‘to,” I remember saying.

Our visit coincided with the park’s Rose Festival. Apart from the roller coaster, my favorite has to be the valley’s European gardens reminiscent of Holland’s Keukenhof.

There’s also a safari in Everland which features animals like tigers, lions, bears, and giraffes. The standing bear’s such a hit that people in the bus clamored for snapshots.

Come 4 p.m., the Carnival Fantasy Parade took place. Don’t forget to check the daily schedule of activities that comes with your map.

The staff members really add fun to the atmosphere. Even if most of them do not converse in English, their seemingly unending smiles make Everland memorable. Souvenirs in Everland are not as expensive as the ones in Disneyland and Universal Studios Singapore. Tumblers start at KRW 3,500 while stuffed toys start at KRW 10,000.

To visit Everland, take the subway and get off at Gangnam station. From there, ride a 5002 bus. Buses run every 15 minutes. You will ride another shuttle bus going to the park but only for 5 minutes. From Gangnam, the journey approximately takes 90 minutes. We didn’t commute though. You may read more about Funtastic Korea’s light packages in my South Korea travel cheat sheet