What's in My October SaladBox

SaladBox is the country's first beauty and lifestyle box subscription service. Remember those times wherein you bought a full-sized product only to be disappointed by it? SaladBox recognizes that disheartening feeling, that's why the company gives its subscribers a chance to touch, try, and feel various products through sample sizes. SaladBox is definitely an economical way to experience beauty goodies.  

The box bears a likeness with the elegance of Tiffany boxes.

Belle de Jour 2012 Limitless Fair - Deux

Apart from the unveiling of the planner, what made this event exciting was the lineup of guest speakers. You can really see the effort of the whole team to invite speakers who will surely inspire Bellas. For the 2012 fair, I was able to hear four out of six talks.

Style Me Over by Jasmine Mendiola

 Her talk involved tips on how you could reinvent your style regardless of the presented situations. She talked about the importance of timelessness in dressing up.

Belle de Jour 2012 Limitless Fair - Un

A planner is not just a mere compilation of paper sheets, it's a lifestyle. When you're a BDJ girl, it's as if you are a part of something inexplicable. No, it's not a cult-like thing but BDJ has this way of empowering its Bellas. Whether you're a true-blue planner user or simply a curious gal, the yearly BDJ fair is something which you shouldn't miss.

Are You a Brayola Babe?

Five years ago, I remember watching "The Secret History of Bra" on the National Geographic channel. The transition from corsets to quirky brassieres was so interesting. Who would have thought that brassieres could own such a highly-engaging story?

Can you still breathe, girls?
Like shoes, a woman can never have too many brassieres and at times, this is where the problem comes in. How do you know your exact cup size? Which bra is appropriate for certain occasions? What is the specialty of each brassiere brand?

I have my own shares of terrible undergarment stories – bras that look horrible under fitted shirts as well as bras that caused me backaches. This is why I’m happy to find out about Brayola – the first and only bra network wherein women all over the world can share insights about their loved brassieres. This is how Brayola works:

Brayola carries extensive brassiere brands like Agent Provocateur, Wacoal, Marks & Spencer, Maidenform, Chantelle Paris, Le Mystère, and Victoria’s Secret. After setting up your profile, you will have your own virtual bra closet that’s filled with recommendations appropriate for your size and needs.

Each time you add a new bra to your closet, you get to earn 2 points. Actual purchase gives you 7 points and if you invite your friends to join Brayola, you will be awarded 3 points. If your points reach 100, Brayola will send you your favorite bra for free!

Another thing I admire about Brayola is its ceaseless support for breast cancer awareness missions. Purchase of participating brassieres will increase the donations to breast cancer researches. With Brayola, you will discover your next favorite bra without spending hours inside the fitting room!

To get your FREE Victorian-inspired bra closet, you may visit Brayola for the creation of your exclusive profile. The company likewise has a blog which is filled with appealing brassiere news from Cosmopolitan’s controversial breast cancer campaign to bra tricks.

What’s your go-to brassiere brand?

Scent Review: Katy Perry's Purr EDP

Katy Perry's Purr is something that definitely reminds me of Daisy Dukes and bikinis. The scent's flirty which can be worn day and night. As a fan of sweet and dreamy scents particularly vanilla, Purr did not really appeal to me at first. Anything that smells fruity-floral somehow makes me cringe. I thought Purr was another scent that would remind me of those migraine-triggering car fresheners. Thankfully, the scent was not noisome at all.

Au Revoir, Multiply

A few months ago, Multiply's CEO Stefan blazoned out that Multiply will be closing its blogging services and instead focus on the site's strength as an e-commerce portal. This news somehow pained me because Multiply served as my first "relief valve"It was the first one which understood my musings as a fifteen-year-old college freshman who used to be nine hours away from home. I understand that there's no point in sniveling because that's the way how things are - you just have to relish them while they're existent.